I give art talks as Jill Bertels (my birth name), in both Dutch and English. 
To book a talk, please contact me here.
SALTY SOUR BiTTER SWEEt: the power of the tongue (working title)
art historical talk about the link between the representation of the tongue in visual art in different times and places, and female sexuality and power
in the making
We Need to Talk About Judith
art historical talk on Judith and Holofernes
-  Sint Lucas Antwerp (KdG), 14 March 2023 (adapted version)
-  Sint Lucas Antwerp (KdG), 26 April 2022 (adapted version)
-  University of Antwerp, 19 February 2021
-  Feminist Library Winter Fair, London, 20 December 2020
-  Antwerp Queer Arts Festival, 7 August 2019
A Queer Eye on Baroque
art historical talk 
-  Antwerp Queer Arts Festival, with an introduction by Nico Van Hout of KMSKA, 12 August 2018
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