I give art talks as Jill Bertels (my birth name), in both Dutch and English. 
To book a talk, please contact me here.

We Need to Talk About Judith
art historical talk on Judith and Holofernes
-  Sint Lucas Antwerp (KdG), 14 March 2023 (adapted version)
-  Sint Lucas Antwerp (KdG), 26 April 2022 (adapted version)
-  University of Antwerp, 19 February 2021
-  Feminist Library Winter Fair, London, 20 December 2020
-  Antwerp Queer Arts Festival, 7 August 2019
A Queer Eye on Baroque
art historical talk 
-  Antwerp Queer Arts Festival, with an introduction by Nico Van Hout of KMSKA museum, 12 August 2018
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