- Group expo "By Her Hand" at Babst Gallery, Los Angeles (USA), 28 February - 4 May 2024
- Solo expo at Vesper as part of the art route "To Be Antwerp", 25-27 November 2022
- Group expo "Playing Peripheries" at art space Art Telex, Antwerp, 7-24 July 2022
- Master expo "Matter // Matters" at Sint-Paulusstraat 23, Antwerp, 22-26 June 2022
- "A Violent Past (Katlijne Janssens)" at M HKA museum, Antwerp, Museumnacht August 2019
- "Judith" series at De Studio, Antwerp, Antwerp Queer Arts Festival, 7-11 August 2019
BA/MA Expo Sint Lucas Antwerp, June 2019
- Group expo "Exit 16" at presbytery Markgrave, Antwerp, 28-31 April 2019
- Group expo "Unfolding Spaces" at art space The Red Penguin, Antwerp, 16-19 May 2019
- "A Violent Past (Katlijne Janssens)" at Warrecords as part of "Missing Mathilde", a conversational exhibition tour about the representation of women in public space, Antwerp, 28 June - 15 July 2018
- Bachelor expo Sint Lucas Antwerp, June 2018
- Bachelor expo Sint Lucas Antwerp, June 2017


- "The Transparent Body" by Platform Barry, a research project and exhibition by Karel Tuytschaever, 2021
- "(You'll Never) Guess Who" , an installation and booklet, is an art project of Antwerp city poet Maud Vanhauwaert with 20 portraits by me (i.c.w. Antwerpen Boekenstad and Antwerp Queer Arts Festival) 
    The installation was on view in different venues:
    > Official opening of the installation at MAS museum, Antwerp, August 2018
    > As part of an educational program at Koninklijk Atheneum and in De Studio, both Antwerp, 2018-2019
    > Autonomous at cultural centre De Grote Post in Ostend, the library of Genk, the library Permeke in   Antwerp and the library of Bree, 2018-2019
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